Mukta Barve’s Video on Social Media has gone Viral!

“I’ve been kidnapped or I am in prison or I am being killed. Whatever it maybe you need to know the truth. I have to tell you the truth.” A video of this kind was recently posted by our favorite actress Mukta Barve on her official Facebook page. This video has gone viral since then. Mukta looks tensed & afraid of someone. Even her forehead is bleeding! On WhatsApp too this video has gone viral.

There are around 1.25 lacs followers on Mukta’s Facebook page. More than 20 thousand people have seen this video, more than 100 have shared it! Many comments of all sorts have been made by people. But everyone is clueless about what exactly has happened.

One thing’s for sure this video has grabbed attention of all online public! From what or whom is Mukta afraid of has become a topic of discussion of one & all! Some people are advising Mukta to take care of herself & some believe Mukta is promoting her upcoming film, serial or play! To know exactly what is all about we have wait for Mukta Barve’s official statement or another video of this sort by her!