Mr and Mrs Sadachari features a song of Shivaji’s Coronation

Mr and Mrs Sadachari– a film starring Vaibbhav Tatwawdi in the lead role will be featuring a scene of Shivaji’s coronation ceremony through a song. This song “Jagdamb” was shot recently at Filmcity in Goregaon.

Vaibhav plays role of a macho man called Shiva in this film and Prarthana Behere will be his leading lady for this film. The Jagdamb song has been composed by Pankaj Padghan and written by Pranit Kulkarni. The song has been sung by Adarsh Shinde and choreographed by Subhash Nakashe. The song features more than 150 dancers along with Dhol Tashe and traditional folk instruments.

The film stars Mohan Joshi, Vijay Andalkar, Uma Sardeshmukh, Uday Nene, Sumukhi Pendse, Prasad Jawde et al.

The film will be releasing on 8 January all over Maharashtra.