Gajendra Ahire’s next directorial venture salutes the spirit of womanhood!

The biopic of an inspirational woman entrepreneur that will motivate millions across all strata, class and expanse .

Gajendra Ahire’s next directorial venture salutes the spirit of womanhood!

National Award winning director, Gajendra Ahire is noted for his superior work in Marathi cinema. His next directorial venture is a story close to his heart – the life journey of a self made illiterate woman entrepreneur who went on to become a multi millionaire.

The story of a life that displayed misfortune beyond imagination, hardships that could break the strongest, struggles that would make anyone surrender, adversities that test your being, and accomplishments that will baffle your mind.

There is a place in present-day Marathi cinema for a large canvas biographical film and Idea Hub Productions is bringing together an award-winning crew, who will bring this story to life for the first time on cinema!

A remarkable cast of award winning actors will be part of the narrative that will combine superior storytelling with grand scale, unseen in Marathi cinema. Since a few months, Gajendra Ahire has been a man with an obsession: to bring to the screen the story of this woman with quiet strength and a mind of her own. An official announcement of the name and star cast will be made soon.

Women empowerment and their progress are taking centre stage today and the film will be a classic example of how strength, determination, belief, hard work and faith can change one’s destiny. A woman well ahead of her time, it is time for her to be recognised in Maharashtra, India and across continents. The film will be released to a global audience.