First look and music launch of Marathi movie “Khairlanjichya Mathyavar”

Khairlanji massacre the incident that shook the state of Maharashtra is being recreated through an upcoming Marathi film “Khairlanjichya Mathyavar” –with the efforts of Industrialist,Politician and Social worker Ms.Kalpana Saroj who has produced this film with Co-producer Ms.Jyothi Reddy.Recently the first look and the Music release of this film was held at Kohinoor,Prabhadevi( Worli),Mumbai.

The September 29, 2006 was marked as the black day in the history of progressive state of Maharashtra. It is that unfortunate day when four Dalits in Khairlanji village of Bhandara district were killed by villagers due to land dispute.

In this brutal incident, members of Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange’s family were assaulted. His wife Surekha and daughter Priyanka, along with his son Sudhir and Rohan were paraded naked in public. The women of the family were gang raped and then the four were murdered. However, Bhaiyyalal ran for his life and is the lone survivor.

Even after seven years the scars of the incidence are still fresh but the reality behind it may have become blurred in people’s memory. To remind people about this reality, a two act Marathi drama Dhadant Khairlanji- (Indisputably Khairlanji) was staged in September, 2013. Right after this drama, director Raju Meshram is now adapting the massacre into a film-Khairlanjichya Mathyawar.

During his two year research for the film, Meshram met people who were familiar with this incident. He secretly visited places and met people to study the mentality as to why such incidents happen. “A woman was trying to be a good person in her life by motivating the rural people. Instead of going with her ability, the people have not only killed her but also her thoughts. From cinema point of view it is an important subject and that is why I decided to make this film.” He further added that he wants to spread the message of peace from his film.

The film stars Kishori Shahane along with Dipak Balraj Vij, Anant Jog, Dr Vilas Ujavane, Milind Shinde, Dr Sandeep Patil and debutant Pratiksha Mungekar. The entire cast of the film has undertaken special efforts to fit into the character. “The language and the looks are completely different, for which I have worked hard. The character is so real that you cannot play with it. I also faced some physical strain because I had to plough, climb hills and do things which we are not used to. However, it was a great experience altogether,” cited Shahane who is the protagonist of the film.

To give an international treatment to the quality of the film, Meshram has made use of “4.5k Anamorphic Red format” that is used for the first time in Marathi film industry. The film is going to be dubbed in Hindi and English. The film has been shot in Akola and nearby places that matched the original locations.Though the film gives a message of peace, Dhadant Khairlanji produced by Lokayat Creations gives a scathing commentary on Khairlanji killings and also tries to get to the heart of the problem not only by accusing fingers against the upper caste but also by advocating strong self critique of Dalit middle class.