Amey Wagh & Mithila Palkar Are Dating, But..

Muramba Marathi Movie Amey Wagh Mithila Palkar

Amey Wagh & Mithila Palkar recently (a month ago) revealed during the valentine season that they are dating each other. Fans of Mithila & Amey both were quite upset but still happy for the couple. But now Amey Wagh revealed the real surprise through his social media handle.

Amey Wagh posted on Facebook that he & Mithila Palkar are surely dating, but ‘in a film’! Yes recently we got to know about an upcoming film titled ‘Muramba’ & now we reveal that Amey Wagh & Mithila Palkar are starring together in this light-hearted romantic film.

So all the girls who have a crush on Amey Wagh & all the boys who find Mithila cute can be relieved to know that in their real lives both Amey & Mithila are single! Muramba is written & directed by Varun Narvekar who assisted the veterean filmmakers Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukthankar.    


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