Priya Bapat on a High!

Priya Bapat on a High

Priya Bapat is a leading name in Marathi entertainment industry having worked in acclaimed plays like ‘Nava gadi Nava Rajya’ AND films like ‘Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoy’ and Happy Journey‘ and she recently had a box office winner like ”Time Pass 2’. We spoke to Priya about life after Time Pass 2 and this is what she told us.

How does it feel to have a super hit like TIMEPASS 2?

Of course, it feels really great to be a part of this movie. It was my 1st film which was blockbuster success. The movie has changed myidentity to Praju, the character I played in the movie. After the movie, people have started calling me Praju and not Priya which feels exuberant.

You received a state award as best actress for Happy Journey? Was it satisfying?

Yes, Happy Journey is close to my heart. The film taught me a lot of things such as journey behind process of film making. I learnt the important things about cinema like various color palates, studied character, multiple workshops etc. It has been and always will be the closest movie that I can associate myself with.

Any projects in Hindi?

Ans. Nothing so far.

Any TV Shows on the anvil?

Ans. Nothing concrete at the moment.

Are you keen on theater?

I would love to do theatre if offered an interesting script. Currently, I am focusing on my next film with Sachin Kundalkar, director of my HAPPY JOURNEY.

When can we see you and hubby Umesh together in a film?

We are reading a lot of scripts but we haven’t found anything interesting that Umesh and I would want to appear together on the silver screen.

Your favorite actors or role models?

Ans. I draw my inspiration with not a particular person but many. I look around me and get inspired by every person I can learn something from.

The directors on your wish list?

Ans. Rajkumar Hirani and Gauri Shinde are on my dream list and I would love to work with them one day.


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