Sonali Kulkarni – Aga Bai Arechyaa, Its so kul.!

Sonali Kulkarni in Aga Bai Arechyaa 2

Kedar Shinde, a known name in Marathi theater debuted as a director for silver screen in Aga Bai Arechyaa. The film was a super-duper hit, after eleven years Kedar Shinde has decided to direct a sequel for this film. This time, he is not only a writer-director for the film, but also this will be hist first film as a producer. The film stars beautiful and talented Sonali Kulkarni.

Speaking about the film Sonali Kulkarni commented, “The film is now in the post production stage after the principal shooting is complete and the film is in the post production stage now, but this was an exciting experience for me. I am truly thankful to all my cast and crew of the film. It was a surreal experience to work with director producer Kedar Shinde who loves people in the industry. He knows how to give you space as an actor and understands every aspect of the film-making. Working with him for the first time made me understand him as directorial abilities. I have always been a fan of his gentlemanly ways and with this film my dream of working with him has come true. I am really looking forward for this film”

The Aga Bai Arechya was all about “What does a woman wants to communicate?”. We have to wait and see what sequel is all about. The film releases on May 22, all over Maharashtra.


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