Shashank Ketkar’s New Venture “AAI CHYA GAAVAAT”

AAI CHYA GAAVAAT - Shashank Ketkar Start New Hotel in Pune

A few days back our very own “Shree” Shashank Ketkar initiated a social media trend “AAI CHYA GAAVAAT”. Many of his fans were excited to know more about it. Is it Shashank’s new play, film or serial? Or beyond everything else is it something like a web show or web series!

Amruta Khanwilkar & Shashank Ketkar - Aaichya Gavat Hotel openingBut “AAI CHYA GAAVAAT” is quite surprising for all of us. “AAI CHYA GAAVAAT” (Pure Veg) is Shashank’s brand new restaurant in Pune. Yes it was Shashank’s dream to start his own hotel. And without worrying about how others would judge this dream of his he just went ahead & did what he wanted to do. This is pretty much inspiring to all his fans! However it doesn’t mean that Shashank is anywhere less serious about his acting career.

On 11th October the opening ceremony of “AAI CHYA GAVAT” (Pure Veg) was scheduled & the restaurant was inaugurated by Amruta Khanvilkar who was seen opposite Shashank recently in One Way Ticket! Many of Shashank’s fans attended the opening ceremony as it was an open invitation.

So all the Punekars make sure you visit the restaurant as we trust Shashank’s commitment in everything he does.

Address of Shashank’s Aai Chya Gavat Hotel: Indulaal Complex, Shop No: 50, Shastri road. Pune. Landmark – Kaka Halwai shop


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