Kishor Kadam looses 13 KG for his new film Ganvesh

Kishor Kadam

It is not something new for Bollywood actresses to lose weight for their so-called size zero figure. However, when Kishor Kada has lost a whooping 13 KG for his new film Ganvesh, it is definitely not for glamour. The film is being directed by cameraman-turned-director Atul Jagdale.

Kishoe plays a role of a kiln worker. For this role, Kishor had to look very thin and it was required that he should lose some weight. The character undergoes daily hard physical labour and very poor. Hence, Kishoe decided to lose weight. “As most of the dieticians opposed to lose this much weight in short span of time, I decided to use my own diet. Look at the results!” Kishor commented. “I have always paid a proper attention to my diet and exercise, hence it was neither difficult nor exhausting for me”

Along with Kishor, Mukta Barve and Smita Tambe will also be seen in this film. The film depicts struggle of a family to achieve simple goals. The film is about a kiln-worker and his only son. The son gets a chance to speak in front of Education Minister on Independence Day. However, he requires an uniform for this event. His parents cannot even afford to fulfill such simple demand. What happens next will be seen in this film.