Coffee aani barach kahi is a film for every age group : Prarthana

Prarthana Behere

Prakash Kunte directed Coffee aani Barach kahi has been getting rave reviews from critics and shows are going Housefull all over Maharashtra. This is a cute lovestory mainly focusing on communication gaps in a relationship. The film stars a fresh pair : Vaibhav Tatwawdi and Prarthana Behere. spoke with Prarthana, the leading lady of this sweet film to know more about her role in this film.

So are you excited about Coffee ani barach kahi?

Yes, I am. I am very glad that this film is finally reaching audience in such a grand way. When we started working on this project, it was a small film. We all were very much new in this field including director, writers and actors. So we never thought that this film will create so much buzz around. People love the promos and songs of this film. This is mainly because this is a genuine effort by Prakash. The love-story is presented in a very sweet way.

You are portraying a very romantic and dreamy girl in this film. What would you like to tell us about your role?

In Mitwaa I played a completely different character. This character was unlike me. Playing Agni was a challenge for me. In Coffee, I play character of Jaee, this is again a different character. She has no resemblance to Prarthana or Agni. I have also worked hard for this role. I always think that actors are like salesman. Directors have different demands, just like customers. We have to fulfill all such demands to give justice to that role.Prarthana Behere Marathi Actress

Audience is liking your and Vaibhav’s pairing. What would you like to say about it?

Vaibhav is one of those very few actors who convey emotions through their eyes. It was fun to work with him, as we were constantly speaking between the lines. We had a great rapport while shooting and I hope people will appreciate this chemistry.

This is a debut film by Prakash Kunte. How was the experience?

Coincidently, first time I met him in a café. He gave me script of this film. Next day morning I called him at seven and told I am ready to work for this film without asking anything else. Prakash does not speak much, so while working we were not quite sure whether we are performing as per his expectations or not. However, after finishing our first schedule of ten days, Prakash said that Jaee and Nishad could not have done by anybody else! This was a huge compliment for both of us.

What is this film’s USP? Why people should come to see this film?

Though, most people think that it is film is about youth, it actually appeals to everyone. The language speaks of youth but feelings are for every age group. Love means communication. We do not give any significance for such small time communications in day today life. We do have so many things to tell, but we miss these tiny communications. The film talks about such communication gaps in relationships.

How different is actor prarthana from real prarthana?

(Laughs) Once a director told me that you are so different behind camera. You behave as if you are completely different person, you should behave like this in front of camera! But I think, I am the same person everywhere. Even in real life I am very expressive. I generally don’t keep anything in my mind. I cannot pretend, I have to be just true to myself, in front of camera as well as behind camera.Coffee Ani Barach Kahi Movie Poster

While choosing any role, what are your priorities?

I always go by my instinct. What is the story, or how much they are paying me, who is the director and producer such questions come into my mind only afterwards, but the first is always my instinct. I seek advice from many people, but ultimately go by my instincts only. God has been kind to me. Pavitra Rishta was my first TV serial. I just went to the audition and got the role. So it always has been my own instincts that lead to my destiny.

Where are you most comfortable while working, cinema, TV serials or theatre?

I think as an actor all these mediums are one and same. I will act in a same way whether I am working for TV show or for a film. We are here to entertain people. In every medium requires same amount of hard work.

How do you like to spend your free time?

There was a time when I had only “free time” and no work. However, touchwood now I am getting good roles and good work so there is no time at all. I like to think a lot when I have time. I also like painting, music and most importantly sleeping. I love to spend my free time sleeping.

Can you please tell us about your upcoming projects?

I have my next film release in June. It is titled as Tujhyavin Mar Jaana with debutant Vikas Patil. It is a college love story. Though I am again playing a Punjabi in this film, this is different from Bhatinda. Also, I am doing one more film with Vaibhav. This is a love triangle directed by Jalinder Kumbhar. Another two three projects are in the pipeline. I would like to do perform various roles and entertain audience.

By : Pranali Salunke


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