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Siya Patil Plays a Challenging Role in ‘Garbh’!

Every artist dreams about doing challenging roles. For some this ambition is fulfilled very early in their career while some have to wait. For...

Garbh (2017) – Marathi Movie

Movie : Garbh (2017) | गर्भ Producer : Rajendra Aatole Director : Subhash Ghorpade Studio : Shree Swami Vakratunda Films Star Cast : Sushant Shelar ...

A True-Blue Political Satire; ‘Gaav Thor Pudhari Chor’

Politics include all those internal games & confrontations. We can never tell when the opposing party could turn into the ruling party & vice-versa....

Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor (2017) – Marathi Movie

Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor Upcoming Marathi Movie Release date, Cast, Wiki Movie : Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor (2017) | गाव थोर पुढारी चोर Producer...

Faqt Tujhyach Sathi (2016)

  • Producor : Kanak S Patel, Jayesh Dand, Rajendra Rawat, Milind Pande and Omprakash Singh.
  • Director : Pyarelal S Sharma and Jaganath S Rangdhop
  • Release Date : 2nd September, 2016


Shubham Karoti Kalyanam recently completed its major shooting at Badlapur, Ambernath and Kalyan. This is a new Marathi venture produced by Deepa Vijay Bhalerao...

Indian Premacha Lafda – IPL (2014)

  • Produced By : Mohan Purohit, Associate Producer -Mustaq Ali [ Mintu ]
  • Directed By : Deepak Kadam
  • Release Date : 26th December 2014

Bol Baby Bol (2014)

  • Producer : Balraj Irani
  • Director  & Edited by: Vinay Lad
  • Release Date : 6 Novembar 2014

A seductive love song in Parakh Natyanchi

Director-cameraman Mukesh Mistry has attempted a usual combination of Baithakiche laavani (a traditional Marathi Folk song) and a highly sensual song for his upcoming...

Rekha, Aasha bhosale at 100th show of Marathi Taraka

साता समुद्रापार झेंडा फडकावणा-या आगळ्यावेगळ्या `मराठी तारका` या कार्यक्रमाचा शतकमहोत्सवी सोहळा 27 फेब्रुवारी रोजी मुंबईच्या यशवंतराव चव्हाण सेंटरमध्ये दिमाखदार वातावरणात पार पडला. चिरतरुण आवाजाच्या...

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