Review : Premasathi Coming Suun: A light hearted comedy

Premasathi Coming Suun Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Premasathi Coming Suun (2014)
  • Producer : Anup Kumar Poddar, Aman Vidhate, Sanjay Sankla,Mulchand Dedhia
  • Director : Ankur Kakatkar
  • Studio : Wonderland Films
  • Star Cast : Adinath Kothare, Neha Pendse, Jitendra Joshi Vijay Patkar, Resham Tipnis, Suhas Joshi, Anchal Poddar
  • Writer: Chinmay Kulkarni
  • Music : Pankaj Padgham
  • Review By : Sharad Lonkar

Rating: ***


Why only hero has to carry the burden of the entire film? Good films are those where all the supporting actors, actresses carry the film along with them.PremasathicominSuun is surely one of such movies. It is a light hearted romantic comedy laced with good performances. Director AnkurKakatkar tries to give a message through this romantic comedy.

The plot of the film revolves around Aditya (AdinathKothare). He marries Antara (Neha Pendse) as per his grandmother’s wishes (Suhas Joshi). Antara has been staying with her maternal uncle and Aunt (Vijay Patkar and Resham Tipnis) However, after marriage next day Antara vanishes with all the jewellery. What happens next is a romantic, funny and slightly thrilled drama.Premasathi Coming Suun (2014) Marathi Movie Poster

The film tries to give out a social message in the end. It succeeds in grabbing the attention of the audience and then making them realise about the social evils present in the society.
The first half truly belongs to Vijay Patkar. His acting talent has made this film a good film. Jitendra Joshi once again proves his metal in a negative character. Adinath Kothare seems to be in an OK role. Neha Pendse has done one of the best roles of her career. Her glamorous and girl-next door looks are really good. Other supporting actors have also done very good job.

The music and songs of the film are a huge letdown. Not a single song is good enough to remember once the film is over. Technically, film is good. Audience can watch this film as it surely guarantees some chuckles and a thought-provoking climax. This is a good movie with good message. The film is produced by Anupkumar Potdar, Sanjay Sankla, Aman Vidhare and Mulchand Dedhiya.


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