Ek Sangaychay Quick Review: Kay Kay Menon’s Marathi Debut Fails at the Basic Stage of Writing!

Ek Sangaychay Quick Review

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Milind Phatak, Abhijeet Amkar, Harshita Sohal, Shalva Kinjavadekar & Shubhvi Gupte

Director: Lokesh Gupte

Quick Viewpoint: ‘Ek Sangaychay…Unsaid Harmony’ wastes an important issue by over hammering of the ‘message’.

What Works?

  • Kay Kay Menon! Though not an extraordinary character, he still manages to interest us in his character by is performance.
  • The seriousness of the topic that parents need to communicate with their children.
  • Technically the film is neat. Lokesh Gupte as a first time director does a decent job as a director (though not as a writer).

What Fails?

  • Literally, nothing happens in the second half! The film only deals with the aftermath of a big incident that has happened in the first half. None of it feels important on a narrative level!
  • The whole screenplay has many logical errors. From the very backdrop of a strict father who is an inspector to his relationship with his 20 something kid, all of it feels distant from reality.
  • The film deals with an important subject like youth suicides but fails at understanding the issue in depth. It just doesn’t understand how a planned suicide is different from a momentary action!
  • The second half keeps stressing on the message repeatedly even when the message is incomplete & the context of the situation is something else.
  • Kay Kay Menon’s character is expected to get some sympathy from the viewers & has been projected in the film similarly. But while watching the film it is impossible to feel any sympathy for him as the audience only see him as a stupid over egoistic father.

Final Verdict: ‘Ek Sangaychay…Unsaid Harmony’ doesn’t reach any harmony on the screenplay level. But feels like an empty film that is stretched to an extent where it has the soul itself.

Rating: 2/5