Naal Marathi Movie Quick Review: An Emotionally Impactful Masterpiece!

Naal Marathi Movie Review
  • Review : Naal (2018)
  • Cast: Nagraj Manjule, Devika Daftardar, Shrinivas Pokale, Om Bhutkar & Deepti Devi
  • Director: Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti

Quick Viewpoint: After the super success of ‘SairatNagraj Manjule (as actor & producer) & Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti (cinematographer & director) have again collaborated through ‘Naal’, though in different roles! And in my opinion they have altogether given a complete cinematic experience that also connects emotionally with the audiences taking Marathi cinema to new heights!

What Fails?

  • Absolutely nothing fails here!!

What Works?

  • Naal dwells on the meaning of motherhood. While doing so it keeps the audiences with the boy & not with the mother. Letting us understand what the boy is going through! And how he perceives his mother & motherhood in a larger way!
  • Naal captures the essence of childhood curiosity & innocence in a way which was never seen before in a Marathi film.
  • Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti succeeds magnificently in executing film’s each & every aspect. Including acting of the little kid (Shrinivas Pokale) & every other aspect!
  • Up until the first half the film reaches the most beautiful form of simplicity. But in the later half it goes places where very few Marathi films manage to go! It creates an everlasting bittersweet emotionally ambiguous atmosphere using the same setting that was explored for a sweet little feel good film!
  • It now dwells on life in a larger way creating a symphony between birth & death. It understands the meaninglessness of life yet embraces it with both hands, lovingly! The last Marathi film that I was reminded of that gave a similar experience, was Umesh Kulkarni’s Vihir.
  • Though different from films of this kind, it doesn’t question the norms of life & hence it is never about finding answers. Those films don’t provide specific answers either, but they dwell on questions more specifically. In Naal, both the question & the answers are blurred & the film still beautifully acknowledges their existence.

Final Verdict: ‘Naal’ has opened to a great response from the audiences & it succeeds in enthralling them & also encouraging them to interpret cinema on their own. Knowing things on their own, without being spoon feed, which is a rare achievement in our films!

Rating: 5/5


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