Why Does One of the ‘Girlz’ Look Familiar to Us? Did We See Her Before?

Anvita Phaltankar plays Rummy in Girlz Movie Actress

Girlz‘, a spin off cum sequel to the superhit Marathi franchise ‘Boyz’ is all set to entertain the audience from this Friday 29th November! The teaser, trailer, promos, songs of the film have created a huge amount of buzz among the audiences! There’s also lot of curiosity about the three leading ladies in the film! While all three of them are young and new, and primarily unknown but one of the three is actually a familiar face to us!Anvita Phaltankar in Timepass Marathi Movie

Anvita Phaltankar plays the ‘Rumy’ character in ‘Girlz’! Or fondly teased as Mummy or Kaku in the trailer of the film! She clearly stands out with her comic timing and energy in the trailer and songs of the film! And to freshen up our audience’s memories she had already entertained us in the Ravi Jadhav film ‘Timepass’ where she portrayed the character of ‘Chanda’!Anvita Phaltankar in Phulpakharu Song of Timepass Marathi Movie

Even in her little part in ‘Timepass’ she impressed the audiences and now in a full fledged part she is all set to rule the theatres entertaining the Marathi audiences to the fullest! ‘Girlz’ also stars Ankita Lande, Ketaki Narayan, Parth Bhalerao, Devika Daftardar & Swanand Kirkire!