Shashank Ketkar Gets Engaged to the Love of His Life Priyanka Dhavale!

Shashank Ketkar Gets Engaged to the Love of His Life Priyanka Dhavale

We all love Shashank Ketkar, he is one of the few Marathi actors who has developed a huge fan following in very less time. We are all aware about his first marriage that didn’t work out, & we all wished that soon he would fall in love again.

On the occasion of 14th February, Valentine’s Day he shared a glimpse of his new found love. Shashank posted a profile pic of him & Priyanka Dhavale. And now the news is out that Shashank & Priyanka got engaged!

Our favorite actress Amruta Khanwilkar shared their engagement photo on her instagram profile. We are sure many of Shashank Ketkar fans would be happy that he found the love of his life again. Shashank has so far worked in all three mediums of theatre, serial & film.

Priyanka Dhavale is lawyer by profession & resides in Dombivali. We wish both Priyanka & Shashank lots of good fortune & happiness for their future.


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