Zee Yuva Prem He’s Romantic Journey Continues with ‘Man Baware’

Man Baware - Zee Yuva Prem He Story

Love can hit you when you least expect it. You can fall for a complete stranger & sometimes, someone you’ve known for years would never become more important than just a known person. Many a times people are in search of something different it could be anything from the career to anything very personal, but while they are busy in this searching they might miss out on the love of their life.

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Zee Yuva Prem He’s new story ‘Man Bavre’ deals with two such individuals Gargi & Aditya who are at a stage of life where the meaning of love has been completely redefined for them. Gargi & Aditya grow up together in the same neighborhood. Gargi is a sweet extrovert while Aditya is an introvert. Aditya secretly has a crush on Gargi, but never reveals it to her. Years later when Aditya is back from studying outside Mumbai things have changed. Gargi a people’s favorite is very unpopular now for being a wasted girl.

Gargi & Aditya Man Baware Prem He Serial Actors

Aditya still has feelings for Gargi, but he’s not aware about what happened with her, So will their love story be complete in the midst of all this confusion? To know that watch Man Baware – Prem He on Monday 10th April & Tuesday 11th April at 9 pm only on Zee Yuva.

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Siddharth Menon is portraying Aditya & Gargi is played by Pallavi Patil. This story of Prem He is written by ‘BP’ fame writer Ganesh Pandit & directed by ‘Bho Bho’ fame director Bharat Gaikwad.

Siddharth Menon & Pallavi Patil Mana Bavre Actors