Sai Tamhankar’s birthday surprise plan For her fan

Sai Tamhankar’s birthday surprise plan For her fan

‘Fan’ this one word is enough to compliment for celebrities.  Film industries entertain the entire world with new movies, new star cast, new technology etc. and Marathi film industry is now at its peak height.

Choice, knowledge and test of audience are increasing day by day.  They compare their movies and celebrities from all angels i.e. story, performance, looks etc.  Where their movies, celebrities stand at National/International level.

Fan followers not only love movies but also choose their celebrities, their looks, performance etc.  Fan club of any celebrity is important part of their life which makes them feel special.  Celebrities care for opinion, comments made by their fans. Fans are crazy for their Celebrities and they show this to them with the help of social media.

Here we are talking about gorgeous, stunning, bold and beautiful Sai Tamhankar.  Sai has given outstanding performances in serial, movies.  She worked hard for every movie. Charming Sai has huge fan following, but there is one boy who is completely crazy for Sai and he attend all events of Sai, even he has tattooed her name on his wrist ‘SAISHINE’ and he is having twitter handle with the name ‘Oh My Saishine’ and from that account he always tweeting only for Sai.  Name of that fan is Vicky Rathod who truly admires Sai and makes her feel WOW.

If my fan is doing something extraordinary for me and makes me feel awesome with all his efforts ‘TOH MERA HAQ TO BANTA HAI’ I should give him a return gift for being my true fan, by thinking like this lucky celebrity Sai decided to celebrate the Vicky’s birthday.  She planned a birthday surprise for her fan and she put up a treasure hunt setup and after guessing the last clue correctly he got an opportunity to meet his Dream Girl Sai.

This will be an awesome celebration for Vicky and definitely he will cherish the surprise birthday moment given by his Saishine.  Fan shows the respect and love towards their favorite celebrity but giving them reply or make them special from celebrity is also the main and excited thing for fans and Sai again won the heart of audience.