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MarathiStars Reader Amol Lanke writes about Marathi movie ‘Pyaar Vali Love Story‘. Check out his view –

Zhakkas Movie ‘Pyaar Vali Love Story‘ koni vicharla tar pahili reaction hoti majhi.

Its a movie which is powerpacked by superb performance of Swwapnil, Sai, Upendra, Urmila, Sameer and the entire team. Lovely songs makes the movie a musicial journey.
A plot of 1990, wherein a love story develops between 2 wonderful people, and then how the society shows its bad shade through Casteism is superbly portrayed.
A movie that is themed to unite the society, dissolve the differences and above all shows love in magnificent way.
A movie that will teach you all to fall in love, the feelings of the bliss of being in love personified in a classy way.
The lifestyle of mumbai with elegant props and background, the lovely bondings in people across, the superb script, apt spaced witty comedy, and above all a romantic story which comes with a superb social message.
A 5/5 movie, which makes everyone laugh, cry, dive in the ocean of love and on an ending note imparts a strong impact which one carries with them.
I appeal to everyone that this weekend do watch this movie with family, friends, your special person and truly get to know the New Valentine Concept.
This cinema will bridge gaps in relations both in individual life and in society as a whole.
Kudos to team ‘PVLS’ for this romantic gift of the season.

Rating : 5 Out of 5

Amol Lanke is a banker by profession working for Trade Treasury. He is big fan of marathi movies.

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