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Elizabeth Ekadashi Marathi Movie

MarathiStars Reader Amol Lanke writes about Marathi movie ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi‘. Check out his view –

This November on eve of Children’s Day gift yourself and your child the joy of a very Beautiful Child Film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’.

A film shot in the holy pilgrimage city of Pandharpur, in the core festive time of Ekadashi.
Witness a virtual tour of the holy place alongwith superb potray of simple lifestyle of people and innocence held within them.

A story of 2 kids, a son and daughter who are in age group of 8-10, and are siblings brought in a family which has a old grandmother and mother of the children.
After the death of their father, calamity strikes on family and the mother has to shoulder the entire responsibility of the home and she does extreme efforts to stand to her task.

To support the family in crisis the kids decide to help in the best possible way and try managing a venture shop along with their schooling.
All these efforts are to save the precious belonging The Cycle ‘Elizabeth’ from being sold.

This movie will teach children to be more matured and above all help them to understand the real value of hard earned money.

The bright intelligent boy and the bubbly and sharp girl (child characters) are superbly portrayed.

The movie also gives a message about inequalities and taboo that elders in society carry and how the kids look at that on a equal platform.
It will teach parents that its very essential to be a friend of the child first and then a parent so as the kids can speak openly with them.Elizabeth Ekadashi Marathi Movie poster

Above all the movie focuses on the message that when we are being true and fair, however cruel the world maybe, with our nature and innocence we can transform the same.

Ideologies of newton’s science and forecasting vision of our saints aptly bundled to deliver an impact that we can carry and learn a lot from it.

In these age where kids are so much attached to the virtual world, these 90 minutes trip will make them understand the bonding of friendship, the essence of hard earned money, the hardships which are must to make life understand in all shades and over and above everything, it will make them transform a 360°.

All these years we gifted children with soft toys, gadgets and all they demanded, gift them with this movie and witness a surprise.

A must watch Cinema, and to rate it, 5/5 is what i can say.

Kudos to the child artists and the great efforts of Paresh Mokashi, Madhugandha Kulkarni and the entire team Elizabeth Ekadashi.

Rocking Movie.

Amol Lanke is a banker by profession working for Trade Treasury. He is big fan of marathi movies.

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