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MarathiStars Reader Amol Lanke writes about Marathi movie ‘Classmates (2015)‘. Check out his view –

Matured wine tastes awesome, the aging gives a more blended and smooth taste.
Duniyadari was really a wonderful movie on college life, but ‘Classmates’ has excelled a step above to deliver something that actually leaves us spell bounded.

Hats off to the wonderful suspense in this movie.
This marathi movie really has a super packed surprise that will enthrall everyone.
Kudos to Aditya Sarpotdar and entire team for painting an end which comes totally out of the box in a magical form.

Movie covers a journey of college life years of a batch of students (classmates), who share their life’s best times, laughing, sharing, and having fun together.
Each one of us will remember the good old college days moments spent in the viewing of this movie, some character or the other will actually resemble you or the person whom you were associated in the college times.
Also for the teens this movie teaches a lot about bonds, friendship, passion, rage, aggression and being complacent.
The vigor of youth, the sensation of college unionism and leadership enveloped in a beautifully attached love story which has lots of compromises and turbulence’s.
Extremely emotional dialogues of reunion makes you cry in remembrance of college times.

Moving in past, and mixing past in present in repeated instances is a tough task, which is superbly done in this story.

All the characters have given utmost justice to their roles, Ankush- represents a dynamic stud who is heartthrob of college, an excellent leader Satya, ‘Small aahe’-delivers strong panache, Siddharth- Simply awesome is what comes to mind seeing his role and character of Ani. To display simplicity is the toughest task, and he has done that in the best way, he is a character who is always the most special friend of every person in group, makes them laugh and above all lives a life dreaming of music, Saie- potrayes Appu a girl who is tomboyish, courageous and above all has an emotional layer beyond her tough skin, Sonali- plays Aditi a granddaughter of politician who has no airs about her superiority, has a great inclination towards her focus dance, (have to mention that dance piece in instrumental backdrop in that traditional folk sequence, is given utmost justice by Sonali), her tough mindset character has a coating of a lover girl, and the same is showcased in a lovely way. Sachit- Rohit is shown a silent and sincere student who though hails from political background yet wants to stay aloof from that and has a goal to be a swimmer of international repute, things go bad for him and he is forced to let go his dream of studying overseas and had to get in family hierarchy of politics, situations turns him into cunning and cruel villain, who executes his plans diplomatically. The dream appoint letter which is gateway to career when turns as support to shaky cranky leg of cupboard as a sheet of log shows the pain and tears in the sacrifice.

Unexpressed love of Saie, teaches about a compromise, and also teaches that life had to move on. Her secret crush scened in a serene manner.

Fight sequels of Ankush are crafted clean. Also credits to costume and props team.

Story catches turnaround during 1st half end and holds excellent interest in further viewing.

Love name writing on walls, the charisma of love, and the zeal of passion over love, which ends in relationship gap sketched realistically.
One such distance makes a tragedy saga and then that person’s absence makes running the race useless.
In fanaticism person losses conscious mind and distances his dearest one.
Some losses don’t bring grief and some victories don’t give in joy.

Lovely way it’s shown Aditi and Satya all the years wait for their true love.
One can cross boundaries in true love, Siddharth paints it in precision.

Shade of NCC cadets selfless life, and a role of groomed civil servant, Amit is played by in a true to life way by Suyash Tilak.

Role of Siddharth’s mother played by Kishori Shahane is vital.
Sometimes actually life’s really stuck in too many ifs and buts, and then one has to find path to live life ahead choosing the best in what’s left, forgiveness is the key, shown so aptly.
“Years pass and college memories just remain in diary dates,
It’s always a moment of emotion and joy in reunion of Classmates.”

All in all a 155 minutes ride back to memory lanes, rejoicing an experience of college times.
Team Classmates a mighty bow down for the work, 4.5****.

A must watch, recommended…

Amol Lanke is a banker by profession working for Trade Treasury. He is big fan of marathi movies.

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