Pula Deshpande’s ‘Namune’ on SAB TV From Today

Pula Deshpande's 'Namune' on SAB TV From Today

Pula Deshpande is a house hold name in Maharashtra. Generations after generation we have been loving Pula’s literature & he has entertained us & enlightened us in so many ways from plays, stand up comedy, music & even films. Pula is the most iconic Maharashtrian figure who should represent our culture on a national & international level.

However that hasn’t really happened. For example the way Rabindranath Tagore is known on a national level even after writing in Bengali, Pula too deserves that kind of love from the whole nation.

Soon this will be changed as from 21st July a new Hindi serial on SAB TV titled ‘Namune’ will introduce characters created by Pula Deshpande to the national audiences! Popular Marathi actor Sanjay Mone will be portraying Pula in this serial! Along with that senior actor Dilip Prabhawalkar will be seen playing ‘Hari Tatya’, Subodh Bhave will be portraying the dashing character of ‘Nanda Pradhan’ & so on many Marathi actors will be seen playing different characters in ‘Namune’!

This is certainly one important step in expanding the reach of Marathi literature & getting love from overall Indian audiences! ‘Namune’ will be telecasted on SAB TV every Saturday & Sunday at 9 pm!


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