Oli Ki Suki wins prestigious awards at State Film Festivals.

Tejashri Pradhan Starrer Oli Ki Suki Speaks About An Social Issue

Oli Ki Suki, a film by Anand Gokhale has received best social drama at 54th Maharashtra State Marathi film festival. Gokhale also received Datta Dharmadhikari Award for the best director for social drama. Vaibhav Joshi Nalinottam Nirmiti won the award for producing best social drama “V Shantaram Award”

The film deals about the children who are often neglected by the society and thus forces them to sail of the path of crime. The film talks about how as a society we can change this attitude and make these children as a responsible part of the social fabric.

The film stars Tejashree Pradhan, Bhargavi Chirmule, Sanjay Khapre, Sharwari Lohkare, Suhas Shirsat, Chinmay Sant and other child artistes. The film will be releasing in the theatres on 26 May all over Maharashtra.