Musical Journey of intense love – Priyatama

When the soul ful sur and  harmonious tal comes together the music which is created by blending the two is divine. Similarly the music of forthcoming Marathi film Priyatama essays various shades of  love. Priyatama which is produced by Sanjay Shire is slated to release on January 14th on the occasion of Valentine day. But before that the songs of Priyatama are being released by Everest Entertainment. The film is produced by Khshatriya Productions and directed by Satish Motling.

The look of the first look is getting appreciation and the enthralling caller tune of the Priyatama is catching attention. There are five songs of varied styles in the film which are composed by Chaitanya Adkar. The song Tujya Rupache Chandane written by Abhay Inamadar and Prakash Holkar is a traditional love song and it is sung by Prasannajit Kosambi and Anandi Joshi. The song Ghungarachya Talawari written by Abhay Inamadar and sung by Bela Shende and Uttkarsha Shinde. There are two songs written by Prakash Holkar which are dedicated to almighty god.The song Udo Udo Aaicha is sung by Anand Shinde and the song Dar Ughad is sung by Adarsh Shinde. The song Lagir Lagir written by Abhay Inamadar is also sung by Adarsh Shinde.

While the main protagonist of the film is a rugged man coming from a poor family, the leading lady is daughter of a head of the village ( who is called as Patil) who is used to luxurious lifestyle. Considering the both of them hail from   completely opposite family backgrounds and their upbringing is very different from each other, their coming together as a couple seems impossible. In spite of the opposition from the society the bond between them gets stronger. The pair of Siddharth Jadhav and Girija joshi in the film which portrays the intensity of love will surely make the audience to fall in love with them.

The story is written by Sachin Darekar and dialogues are written by Sachin Darekar and Prashant Loke.The songs are choreographed by Phulva Khamkar. Along Siddharth Jadhav and Girija Joshi,the film also stars Sanjay Khapre,Prafulla Samant,Charusheela Vachani,Sagar Satpute,Reema Mhadgut,Bhakti Jadhav,Jay Thanekar,Manasi Marathe,Kishore Jaykar,Vivek Gote et al.

Priyatama is slated for a release on February 14th. The audience will surely love the songs of Priyatama which will be released soon.