Lagira Zala Ji: Jaydi To cause Problems in Ajinkya and Sheetal’s Married Life

Ajinkya Sheetal Lagir zala Ji

Zee Marathi has become more than just a TV channel today! It has become an inherent part of Marathi families, just like their family members! Zee Marathi’s popular serial ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’ gave lots of love to the audiences. Along with Ajya & Shitli every character from the serial made a special bond with audiences.

Very recently Ajya & Shitli got married in the serial. They came together after facing many obstacles in their journey. But we still worry that the people around them won’t let them live their lives in peace. After Ajinkya & Sheetal’s wedding Jayashri entered the house again & that has made everyone tensed. Her husband isn’t ready to take her back.

To cause problems in Ajinkya & Sheetal’s married life, Jayshri has deliberately planned all this. What else will she do? Will Sheetal succeed in saving her married life with Ajinkya? All these questions will soon be answered in coming episodes of ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’ only on Zee Marathi!


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