Ziprya Trailer: Arun Sadhu’s Iconic Novel Comes to Life

Some writers have such a great following that their works represent a complete generation of our culture. Arun Sadhu was one such writer in Marathi literature. His novels like ‘Sinhasan’, ‘Mumbai Dinank’ & ‘Ziprya’ have become immortal in Marathi culture. So ever since the news of a film based on ‘Ziprya’ novel was out audiences were excited.

Now the trailer is out & the film looks like a good enough adaptation of the novel. While the original story was based in Mumbai a few decades earlier, this film seems to have converted it to today’s times. Sadly even now the state of Mumbai is no different. In fact, the story has become even more relevant in today’s times, as the people living in slums & on the footpaths have only increased in number.

The film stars known faces like Amruta Subhash, Prathamesh Parab & Pravin Tarde along with other new actors too, who look convincing in their part. The film is set to release in theatres on 22nd June in theatres all over Maharashtra. After a long time, we will see a film in theatres which showcases the reality of Mumbai & tells the story of the poor & the downtrodden.