‘Guru Pournima’ a musical treat


Love is the most beautiful emotion, no words to express. It just happens without justifying the person with in whom to love. All fall in love once a while in life span. It’s just like a rain sometimes drizzling pleasantly – sometimes flooding heavily. The same lust of Love can be experienced through a ready to release movie ‘Guru Pournima’.

The film is Produced by Meghna Manoj Caculo and directed by Girish Mohite. The romantic music of ‘Guru Pournima’ was recently launched with a grand celebration. Upendra Limaye and Sai Tamhankar revealed the music CD in this pompous show in presence of Hon. Eknath Shinde along with Producer, Director, Actor sachin Pilgaonkar and Nanubhai Jaisinghani of Video Palace with the artists, delegates and the technicians of the film. The live performance of the songs and the musical show made a fabulous connection with the audience.

‘Guru Pournima’ is ready to release in coming September, a production of ‘Srihit Productions’, is a reverie love story featuring Upendra Limaye and Sai Tamhankarr is a treat to the viewers. The executive Producer is Paresh Naik. As the ‘Guru Pournima’ is the story based on love, the rhetorical lyrics written by Vaibhav Joshi, Anuradha Rajadhyaksha, Vishwajeet, Satyajeet Ranade and the youthfull music given by the young composer Avinash-Vishwajeet. The National Award winner Bela Shende and Swapnil Bandodkar, Sandeep Ubale, Swaroop Bhalwankar, Neha Rajpal, Shravani Ravindra has given the voice to these songs.

‘Aikavi waatate’, the revelry treat of song ‘Kalla masti’, ‘Visaruni kshan’ are the songs containing all the hues and shades of the eternal and emotional Love. ‘Aikaavi waatate’ song is thrice heard: first by Bela Shende, secondly by Swapnil Bandodkar and thirdly sung by both of them, is again a melodious treat. The word Love is miraculous and will be unfold each time viewing this movie in its innovative way, handling the subject first time by director Girish Mohite.

Starring Upendra Limaye, Sai Tamhankar with senior hindi artist Sulbha Aarya along with Sushant Nayak, Rajeev Hede, Vidhita Kale, was shooted on the canvas of eyecatching location of Goa, is ready to release in Sept.; but the melodious music all ready to capture the youthful music lovers.