Candle March all set to release on 5th December

Sayali Sahastrbudhye, Smita Tambe, Manava Naik and Tejaswini Pandit.

Chanakya Creations in association with K4 Enterprises is all set to release their movie Candle March on December 5, 2014. ‘Candle March’, a Marathi feature film based on true story revolving around four female protagonistswho are sexually harassed. The story is majorly inspired from the known incidencesof sex scandals and attacks in India starring Tejaswini Pandit, Smita Tambe, Manava Naik and Sayali Sahastrbudhye, Ashish Pathade,Nilesh Diwekar.

On the occasion of announcing the release date of the movie, the team revealed one song ‘Nikhare…’ sung by Shankar Mahadevan on the words of Mandar Cholkar and composed by Amitraj.

The story and directed by Sachin Dev, screenplay by Sachin Darekar, concept and dialogues by Sachin Darekar, cinematography by Raja Satankar, costumes by Mrunal Parab, art direction by Santosh Phutane and produced by Anjali and Nilesh Gawade.