Akhil Bharateey Chitrapat Mahamandal will distribute Marathi films

Though Marathi films are getting positive response from audience, multiplex owners have been cancelling Marathi films shows randomly. This leads to revenue loss, as audience cannot watch their desired film. Recently, show of Gurukul was cancelled in Thane suddenly. Marathi film industry reacted on this issue. Distributors’ negligence caused such event in the past as well. To overcome with this issue Akhil Bharatey Marathi Chitrapat Mandal has agreed to take responsibility of distribution of Marathi films.

On Thursday, a special meeting was arranged by Mandal about this raging issue. Many producers, distributors, technicians were present during this meeting. Patkar also announced that there will be a representative by Mandal to check where distributors have screened the films, and how many shows each film is screening. Also Mandal will start assisting small producers to distribute their films on the role model of Essel Vision.