Tujhi Majhi Lovestory (2014)

  • Movie : Tujhi Majhi Lovestory (2014)
  • Producer : Rushikesh More
  • Director , Writer, Screenplay: Rushikesh More
  • Studio : Silver Autumn Productions
  • Star-cast : Shruti Marathe, Gaurav Ghatnekar, Sanket More, Kalpana Sathe, Uday Lagu, Neha Bam,Mrunalini Jambhale, Ashok Kulkarni, Shrikant kamat, Varad Chavan, Prashant Neman
  • Genre : Romance
  • Release Date : 4th July 2014

Synopsis : TMLS is a romantic drama that tells the story of Indraneel, a 23-year old from Mumbai – a creative recluse, indecisive about his life or career. His family members consider him good for nothing and he spends most of his time loitering around with his friends or engaged in painting and photography, which are his passions.

His elder sister Sandhya receives a visit from her close friend Aditi, who hails from Goa, and as Indraneel is supposed to be doing nothing meaningful, he is tasked to escort them around the city.

Aditi is a focused and matured person. Impressed by Indraneel’s creativity and talent, she is able to understand the situation that he is facing and suggests ways to focus his life and channelize his creative energies.

During their time together, Indraneel for the first time finds a sympathetic soul who understands his point of view… and the inevitable happens: he falls in love – his first love, pure and immense.

Knowing fully well that he will not be able to confine the feelings to himself, he pursues her to Goa to express his love for her.

A shocked Aditi spurns his amorous proposition. She is committed to marrying somebody else, approved by her family. But she gradually yields to a relentless and obsessed Indraneel, fully aware of the social backlash that this kind of a union could invite. But doubts creep up and she begins to hesitate as the societal forces begin to rear their ugly heads to destroy their relationship…

“Tujhi Majhi Love Story” is a story of these two people who are stuck in a very unusual situation; both love each other but do not know whether they can take their love towards its fruition.

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