Shruti to sizzle screen as Masoli

Shruti to sizzle screen as Masoli

Baji is all getting ready for its release. The Item Song of The year, Masoli, has also been on top of the charts. The sensuous song is sung by Bela Shende and been picturized on Shruti Marathe. After doing some sizzling magical dance performances in South, this will be Shruti’s first item song in Marathi films.
Here is some little chat bits with Shruti about this song.

What was your reaction when Masoli song was offered to you?

I have always done serious and sober roles in Marathi, be it film or television. I wanted to do something fun and dhamaal. Masoli was a perfect song for me. After listening to this song, I immediately liked it and said, let’s do it! However, that does not mean that I will keep doing such dance numbers in future. I should be able to enjoy my work, that’s my main criteria.

How was your experience while shooting for this song?

I have done dance numbers in south. However, this was my first Marathi dance song. We had rehearsed a lot and I was confident about it. We shot entire song in just two days, as preparation was very good and there were no technical glitches in production. I really admired the way shoots were planned and executed.

Any amusing moment while shooting this song?

Yeah, I didn’t realise this while shooting, but after finishing the shoot I went home and as usual took a shower. My eyes were red and swollen. The smoke of that fire while shooting went into my eyes and nose. While shooting, it never bothers you as you are completely engrossed in your work, after going home, you realise what it actually was. It was hilarious for my family as well. It took three days to get my eyes normal.

Any Upcoming projects?

I have done a Hindi film tentatively titled “Wonder Boy” I have finished shooting for my part and post-production is going on. Additionally, I am doing a very different film with Mahesh Manjrekar. There are some other offers as well. Lets see!

Which medium you like more for working, you have done TV, films and theatre?

It is very difficult to say. I have done daily soaps. Currently I am doing theatre. Also, I have been working on films. I like all these mediums, each medium has its own strong and weak points. I prefer working in films, but theatre is more engaging and intriguing.

Marathi film industry is becoming more and more glamorous…

That’s good. We have a fine balance of content-driven and market driven films. I think this balance should continue in future. We should have more solid scripts and also we should have more glamorous content as well.


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