Nihar Gite Interview: I Want To Be A Good Person When I Grow Up!

Nihar Gite is a cute kid whose face has become so dear to us! He has been seen in many T.V. ads & has performed in different T.V. shows. He was also seen in Bollywood film ‘Ek Villain’. Nihar is now making his Marathi film debut in the upcoming Family entertainer Priyanka Chopra produced ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’. We chatted with Nihar on this occasion.

First tell us in which std. are you studying?

I am now in 5th Std.

This is your first Marathi film. Tell us do you watch Marathi films? Do you like them?

Yes I do watch Marathi films & I like them too. Makarand Anaspure is my favourite actor. I Love watching his films. ‘Gadhvacha Lagna’ is one of my favourite films.

You’ve danced so beautifully in ‘Yaari’ song from this film. Do you like to dance? Do you dance in your school events?

Yes I love to dance. I participate in dance competitions in my school.

Is there any particular form of dance that you love?

Yes. I do enjoy ‘Crumping Style’. It’s my favourite.

How recognized your talent of acting & performing first? Papa or Mummy?

First it was my Papa. But my Mumma too loves my performances.

Since you are in T.V. ads & shows, do people recognize you when you’re out? And how do you deal with them?

Yes they do recognize me most of the times. But it’s better if they didn’t! They call out my name ‘Nihar’ sometimes.

Do you want to become an actor when you grow up? Or do you have other plans?

As of now I want to become a good person when I grow up. What work I’ll do after being a grown up is better left for tomorrow. Right now I love to study!

Which is your favourite subject in school?

My favourite subjects are English & Maths!

Finally, tell us about ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’. What will the audiences love about it?

Whoever are hearing & watching, reading about the film should watch the film on 14th July. I am sure they’ll love it. My character is called ‘Guddu’ in this film. It’s a family entertainer. All little kids will also love ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’. The film will make you laugh throughout & when you come out of the theatre you’ll still have a smile on your face.