“I will do every role that gives me scope for performance” says Neha Mahajan

Neha Mahajan Interview

What made you take up acting?

While I was studying at Talegaon Balvikas School , I was not only good with the curriculum of books and subjects, I was also good in cultural activities and was more interested in arts . I was drawn towards one act plays from inter school to inter college . After completing my graduation from Fergusson College Pune, I completed my Graduation in Theater from Texas High School and while I was studying I acted in Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar’s short film ‘Bewakt Baarish. And to get an chance to work in Deepa Mehta’s ‘Midnight Chidren’ was godsend. I essayed the role of a young girl named Naseem. When I got these chances to do these roles , it gave me a direction in my acting career. My fathers is a renowned sitarist and has performed the world over and I have also learnt to play sitar proficiently from my father and maybe that’s my connect to the art world.

Were you expecting a hit film at the start of your career?Neha Mahajan Marathi Actress

Whatever roles I have done, I consider it as my learning process and it will continue to be so and therefore every role I do will continue to be so and whatever role is challenging for me as an actress I will accept. And if you ask me about the hit film at the start of my career, the basic story of Coffee ani Barach Kahi was a simple love story that everyone could relate to it easily. I have got another role like this in Siddhant too.

What is your role in Siddhant?

I play a family member in a family in which I am not related by blood but I become an integral part of the family and why exactly I share a loving relationship within the family and how it boiled down to that is the synopsis of my role.

How good are you in mathematics?

I was good in maths in school but I got more attracted to arts and culture and films and music in my later part of studies and mathematics took a backseat.

Siddhant Marathi Movie PosterHow was your tuning with other actors in Siddhant?

The tuning that takes place between two actors on a shoot where I was entirely new and unknown to other actors, but as the shooting progressed we came closer and of course there was a veteran actor like Vikram Gokhale who is like a textbook in acting ans we could learn so much from him by just watching his dialogue delivery, expressions, and his throw of dialogues and his richness of language and I used to just stand and watch him act and hoped to continue to see him act and learn.

Now the forthcoming monsoon season is on it’s way. How do you enjoy the monsoons?

Monsoon is my favorite season and I always drench myself with the first shower and even if monsoon comes every year the feeling of getting wet in the first shower is something else. I like to take long walks on the seashore while it’s raining and I will never forget these experiences.


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