Suyash Tilak in Rangoli portrait by Rajesh Vaidya, one of his admirer

Suyash Tilak

The relation of celebrities and viewers is tremendously fantastic. Celebrities worked hard to give something more good to audience and audience return it back by giving their valuable response for celebrities and their performance. The response or feedback from audience may have the different medium like social sites, handmade card, art work, handwritten letter or may be something more creative stuff.

Suyash Tilak in Rangoli portraitHere have the news about the same situation as we mentioned above. This news is related to ‘Ka Re Durava’ fame Actor Suyash Tilak. Recently at a rangoli competition an artist Rajesh Vaidya has drawn a Rangoli portrait of Suyash Tilak. This handsome hunk is ruling over millions of heart by his impeccable acting skills and has a crazy fan following; Rajesh Vaidya is one of admirers.

Drawing a Rangoli itself is a big task especially a freehand Rangoli involving human sketches. It took him a lot of hard work and patience to complete this one masterpiece of art which he dedicated to his favorite celebrity. Suyash not only appreciated his efforts and thanked him for such a lovely masterpiece but also posted the picture of the rangoli on his Instagram account.

It seems that Suyash is completely delighted by this pleasing surprise from his fan. Suyash has the charm which can drive his fans crazy. His admirers are very excited to see him on the big screen through his upcoming film ‘Ticha Umbartha’ which is on the verge of release. We wish that Suyash keeps getting loads of love every day from his admirers.