Suyash Tilak Plays a ‘Woman’ in Virus Marathi’s ‘Get Together’!

Virus Marathi’s upcoming ‘Get Together’ video stars Suyash Tilak in the role of a woman. All 7 actors who are a part of this ‘Get Together’ were challenged by director Santosh Kolhe to create a unique new character. And so Suyash chose to play a traditional young woman.

Till now many talented male actors have played female characters with great finesse. It would be interesting to see how Suyash presents himself. Among the other actors Sameer Patil plays a magician, Sharmila Shinde plays a beggar, Chhaya Kadam plays a ‘Man’, Richa Agnihotri plays a witch, Akshay Shimpi plays a madman & Chaitanya Sardeshpande portrays a young man from Goa.

All of these actors have portrayed their characters in the form of auditions & writer Mukesh Machkar has written their scripts. ‘Awesome Twosome’ & ‘Shock Katha’ are the current online shows on Virus Marathi. All these videos have been received well by the audiences, especially the youth. These videos are produced by Shridhar Chitnis & Santosh Kolhe.