Amruta Khanvilkar Fires Up the Dance Floor in ‘Nach Baliye 7’!

Amruta Khanvilkar & Himmanshoo Malhotra - Nach Baliye 7

Every artiste wants his creation to be good and they strive a lot to achieve that and now Amruta Khanvilkar with her husband Himmanshoo Malhotra is a dancing pair in ‘NACH BALIYE’7 as we all know . Maharashtra’s No.1 Glamor girl is taking a lot of pains to be NO.1 in the popular reality show and she is practicing her dance moves for 24 hours a day and she is a strict teacher to her partner husband Himanshoo too and once while practicing her intricate steps, she fell flat on her face but she didn’t stop practicing and that’s called true passion and if you have the will power to achieve something then a person is not afraid of anything as evident from her excellent performance.