TRAILER LAUNCH OF ‘SANGHARSHYATRA’ : A bio pic on Gopinath Munde

Sharad Kelkar, Sakar Raut, Shruti Marathe, Deepti Bhagwa

Sangharshyatra, a bio-pic on the great leader late Gopinath Munde is all set for a release on February 19. The first look of this film was recently held in great style with the presence of the cast and crew. The film stars Sharad Kelkar in the lead role along with Shruti Marathe (Pankaja Mude), Omkar Karve (Pramod Mahajan), Deepti Bhagwat (Pradnya Munde).

The film is directed by Sakar Raut  and produced by Suryakant Baji, Sandeep Ghuge, Mukund Kulkarni and Raju Baji and the film wing of the BJP Film Workers Union.

The film highlights the rise of a simple village sugarcane field-worker to the highest corridors  of the Mantralya and also depicts his personal life and challenges faced by him on his every way.

The film was supposed to release on 11 December but Pankaja Munde, suggested a few changes in the script of the film for the betterment of the film which were incorporated duly and hence the release of the film was on hold for a few days.

The producer Suryakant Baji in his address said that in keeping with their social commitment, a part of the proceeds of the film will be donated to the famine stricken farmers of villages in Maharashtra.

The films screenplay, story and dialogues  are written by Viraj Mule and Vishal Gharge.Folk singer Moreshwar Meshram’s folk song is tuned by Annirudh-Akshay, and sung by popular singer Adarsh Shinde and Annirudh Joshi. The CM Devendra Phadanvis’s wife Amruta Phadanvis  has sung the title song written by Mandar Cholkar  and the music is by Srirang Urhekar. The DOP is Sanish Jairaj and Anant Kamath is the editor.


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