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Mann Ki Baat- a new play by Prateek Kolhe

Mann Ki Baat – a new play written and directed by Prateek Kolhe is ready to debut on Marathi theatre. The play revolves around...

Veer Daudale Saatach: New comedy play by Prahlad Kurtadkar

Prahlad Kudtarkar is back with one more drama- Veer Daudale Saatach. The play will have its inauguratory show on 21 August. The play is...

Chabu Weds Babu : a New comedy play

Producers Raju Bang and Maithili Javkar will be producing a comedy play called “Chhabu weds Babu” The play is written by Rakesh Shirke and...

‘Mala Ved Lagle Santanche’ On Stage!

Maharashtra is said the home of saints and the Warkari sect right from Sant Gyaneshwar to Tukaram and from Swami Samarth Ramdas to Shirdi...

Aaplyatach Raahoo dyaa naa: A new comedy play

We are not new to the house owner and tenants’ problems on stage or in films.. “Aapalyatach raahoo dyaa naa” is a new comedy...

Television stars return to stage

Marathi audience has always preferred Theatre, not only as entertainment but for various other reasons. Marathi drama has been content-oriented and encompassing different subjects. Many...

Vegal Vhayachay Mala : On Zee Marathi

Bal Kolhatkar has ruled Marathi theatre for more than four decades. His most famous family drama “Vegal Vhayachay Mala” will be telecast on Zee...

Bhagwa- A saffron Dance Drama on stage

Bhagwa- a saffron colour has always been associated with Hinduism and Maratha history. This colour represents the pride and vanity of every Maratha. For...

Aasu Ani Hasu on Zee Marathi

Keeping promise of providing rare gems from the Marathi theatre Zee Marathi Nakshatra is presenting “Aasu Ani Hasu”, a classic play about a couple’s...

Mr & Mrs (2013) Marathi Natak

Natak : Mr & Mrs (2013) Production : Rujuta Productions, Terracomm Media Producer : Naren Chavan, Rujuta Chavan, Abhijeet Satam Writer : Aslam Parvez Director : Priyadarshan Jadhav Music...

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