Nisha Vahini To Be Taught a Lesson by Shiv & Ajji in Kahe Diya Pardes!

Nisha - Kahe Diya Pardes

After the ban on 500 & 1000 Rupee note, our whole nation has been in a chaos of sorts. People have been standing in long queues at banks & atms. Many people try creative ways to use those notes at different shsops, etc but hardly succeed. And those with black money are now having sleepless nights to say the least! Under this circumstances; in Zee Marathi’s ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ Nisha’s Black money secret is now known to Shiv & Ajji! Yes the cat is out of the bag! Nisha & her mother too are having sleepless nights because they possess black money.

Nisha Vahini To Be Taught a Lesson by Shiv & Ajji in Kahe Diya Pardes

Nisha sold Sawant family’s house for 70 lacs to Appa during the wedding proceedings of Shiv & Gauri! Madhusudan Sawant had no option but to mortgage his house to arrange funds for the wedding & so Nisha didn’t miss this opportunity. The 70 Lac cash that Appa gave to her was at her mother’s house & Nisha’s ambition was to use that money to have a lavish lifestyle! The sad part is that Nisha’s husband Nachiket still believes that she is innocent.

Nisha & her mother were also trying to use those 500 & 100 Rupee notes at different places by dressing up in burkha. Shiv & Ajji along with Velu’s help are now trying to reveal Nisha’s true face to her husband Nachiket. Shiv has already conceived a plan to catch Nisgha red handed. In the cureent episodes of ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ you can watch it getting unfold. ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ has also decided to give a message through this to all those who have black money through such unethical, unjust means!

The audiences have made this strangely hilarious situation of Nisha viral on the social media! Everyone’s talking about those “70 Lacs” hidden under the pillow by Nisha! So don’t forget to watch the mystery unfold of ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ from Monday to Saturday at 9 pm only on Zee Marathi!