Review: Tu Hi Re (Marathi Movie) – Worth experiencing once

Tu Hi Re Marathi Movie Review
  • Review : Tu Hi Re (2015)
  • Director: Sanjay Jadhav
  • Producers: Karan Entertainment, Indian Film Studios and Dreaming Twenty Four Seven Entertainment
  • Writer: Manaswini Lata Ravindra, Sanjay Jadhav
  • Cast: Swapnil Joshi, Sai Tamhankar, Tejaswini Pandit, Sushant Shelar, Mrunal Jadhav Girish Oak
  • Music: Amitraj-Pankaj Padgham and Shashank Powar
  • Genre: Romance/ Drama
  • Review By : Keyur Seta

Rating : 3/5


The jodi of director Sanjay Jadhav and actor Swapnil Joshi raises our expectations as it brings back memories of their blockbuster Duniyadari. Tu Hi Re, their latest outing, doesn’t rise as much as the 2013 film, but it certainly has enough moments to satisfy its target audience and the fans of the three main actors.

The story commences when Siddharth (Swapnil Joshi), a young man going through a sad phase, marries a village-based girl Nandini (Sai Tamhankar) without even meeting her before. Nandini too isn’t too happy with the marriage. Naturally, there is a lot of awkwardness between the couple.

Sai Tamhankar & Tejaswini Pandit - Tu Hi Re marathi MovieBut eight years later, Siddharth and Nandini are seen enjoying a happy married life. Their professional life too is going well. Their seven-year old bubbly daughter is the icing on the cake. But one day, out of the blue, a parcel from an unknown person changes the equation between Siddharth and Nandini. Is this the end of the road for this happy couple?

The promotional material of Tu Hi Re indicated that the film is obviously a love triangle. Thankfully though, it is not. Despite the main characters being one man and two women, the tale stays far away from the age-old or clichéd love triangles that we have been witnessing since decades. In fact, later on, the film becomes a mature take on contemporary married relationships. This can be said by the overwhelming and moving climax.

But there are certain problem areas that cannot be overlooked. In totality, the film treads on an uneven road. The first 45 minutes or so aren’t appealing due to the childish behavior of characters. Thankfully, the interesting interval point and the events in the second half bring things under control. An act by a character in the pre-climax, however, lacks sensibility. But, as mentioned above, the climax makes sure you leave the hall with some satisfaction.

Tu Hi Re Marathi Movie PosterThe songs complement the situations. ‘Jeev Ha Sang Na’ is the best of the lot as it adds more dramatic effects. As expected from Jadhav, he has displayed his skills as the DoP. The background score goes with the theme, although it is too loud on few occasions.

The performances are another plus point. Swapnil Joshi once again carries on his good work. He keeps delivering film after film. It is also amazing to see him pulling off playing a collegian even in this age. Sai Tamhankar also succeeds in a role that required mature acting skills.

Tejaswini Pandit provides an adorable act. Girish Oak does well playing a complicated character. Sushant Shelar offers good support as Siddharth’s best friend. The girl playing Siddharth’s daughter is super cute. She is able to act well too in such a young age. She had recently received praises for her act in the Hindi remake of Drishyam.


Tu Hi Re is a worth watching saga on relationships, despite some problem areas. With big names attached to it, it will set cash registers ringing at the box office.


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