Narbachi Wadi (2013) Marathi Movie Review

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Story Outline :

The film is based on the popular Bengali novel Sajano Bagan by Manoj Mitra. The story starts in the pre-independence era in a Konkan village where an elderly farmer Narba (Dilip Prabhavalkar) owns a precious piece of land (wadi). Fascinated by the wadi, the village Zamindar (Manoj Joshi) is desperate to lay his hands on it by hook or crook. But circumstances ensure that the Zamindar doesn’t get the land and he dies out of disappointment. Years later, his son (Manoj Joshi) tries fulfilling his late father’s wish of owning Narbachi Wadi.

Review :

When a respected veteran like Basu Chatterjee gets involved in a light-hearted film, you surely expect a good amount of satisfaction. Aditya Ajay Sarpotdar’s Narbachi Wadi lives up to that expectancy through its simple and amusingly funny tale that strikes many a chords. It once again reminds us that simplicity alone can provide pots of entertainment.

Although Mitra has written an interesting tale, the onus here is more on the situations and dialogues since it is a celluloid version. This responsibility is very well handled by Guru Thakur. The film is loaded with amusing situations and lines. As mentioned before, it’s the simplicity in the narration that takes the cake. However, in the latter part of the second half, the film does make you a bit impatient. But you would hardly think of this instance after witnessing the brilliantly conceived climax.

Narbachi Wadi Marathi Movie Poster
Narbachi Wadi Marathi Movie Poster

Apart from the above-mentioned point, other questionable aspects include the story of Narba’s grandson and the sub-plot about his love interest being a lookalike of an actress. But these points don’t appear too big due to the various plusses.

The film wouldn’t have been a pleasing experience without Rahul Jadhav’s artistic camerawork. He lives up to his name by making Konkan look more beautiful. As music doesn’t play a big role, the makers have used on few non-lip-sync tracks, which are soulful compositions by Mangesh Dhakde. The background score too adds to the effect.

The film is blessed by Dilip Prabhvalkar’s outstanding act, as expected from a respected name. You just can’t help but feel amused every time he appears. Manoj Joshi does full justice to his villainous character. Despite the presence of these two performers, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi succeeds in impressing yet again. Vikas Kadam suits the character of Narba’s grandson. Kishori Shahane, Jyoti Malde and the actor in the role of a thief provide decent support.  Bhau kadam is hilarious in a cameo.

Overall :

Narbachi Wadi deserves to be seen for its honest narration and Prabhavalkar’s bravura act. The film requires some rapid word of mouth to succeed at the box office.

Note :

Note: Sajano Bagan was also adapted in a Hindi film in 1992 named Isi Ka Naam Zindagi. It starred Pran, Shakti Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Farha. Unlike Narbachi Wadi, its Hindi adaptation was a dud.

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