Kaay Re Rascalaa Review: Priyanka Chopra Disappoints Us With Her Choice!

Kaay Re Rascalaa Rating: 1.5/5

Kaay Re Rascalaa Review –

Whatever issues the recently released ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’ has, are actually secondary! The primary disbelief that we as audiences have is that this film is produced by Priyanka Chopra through her production banner. After bringing us a film like ‘Ventilator’ we expected if at all Priyanka produces another Marathi film it would at least be somewhere near the quality of Ventilator. Sadly Kaay Re Rascalaa is miles away from being called a decent film.

Comedy is a tricky affair. Yes, Marathi films do have an interesting history of Comedy but they stand strong on the superlatively talented actors like Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, Dada Kondke & few more! Those were legends & could truly make you forget other problems their films had. However the filmmakers who worked with them were aware about it & quite compactly wove the film around them. That is the essential error in ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’. The lead hero ‘Raja’ played by Gaurav Ghatnekar appears secondary to the actual conflict of the film. The film could’ve easily been made without the existence of ‘Raja’. The same can be said about the heroine character played by Bhagyashree Mote. The story that arrives almost in the second half is actual about the little kid ‘Guddu’ played convincingly by child artist Nihar Gite.

The first half is a collage unnecessary gimmicks which are designed to convince us that this film is about ‘Raja’ a supposably smart con! Along with ‘Guddu’ the essential characters in the actual story are Nagesh Bhonsle who plays the Chief Minister & Akshar Kothari who plays his son-in-law! ‘Guddu’ gets connected to these men in a genuinely funny way! However the ‘fun’ part that did exist in the actual idea is nowhere translated in the actual film.

Among the rest of the cast Supriya Pathare, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi & the rest are there to make this film a Priyadarshan style ‘comedy of errors’ but instead it goes on to become a ‘comedy with tonnes of errors’. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi does manage to pull out a few laughs from us, but they aren’t enough! Supriya Pathare plays a south Indian character accompanied by a new actor who portrays ‘Muthu’ a wannabe criminal who is a huge fan of ‘Rajnikant’. Trust me, it’s a real test of patience to tolerate the nonsense these characters initiate in the already messy scheme of things.

Nihar Gite & to some extent Akshar Kothari’s character interest us. Had this film focused on these two completely & the CM played by Nagesh Bhonsle the result might have been slightly better. However later the way the director dealt with Guddu’s story also tested our patience. We keep wishing this whole pointless exercise should end once for all, but keeps on going & going on! The end to this truly unbelievable & is extremely to the character of Guddu! But anyways at this point we weren’t really concerned for Guddu!

The first half of this film was shot at sets that remind us of the 90s Bollywood in a really enexciting way! The second half is set in a five star hotel of sorts but there too the film doesn’t get anything substantial in terms of technical aspects. It really is difficult to believe that ‘Kaay Re Rascalaa’ did excite us when the first time we heard about it & also Priaynka’s name that was attached to it.

Overall: If you wish to watch a comedy where there are many characters & the whole idea of ‘comedy of errors’ I suggest you keep switching T.V. channels. You can easily find at least 3-4 films that are definitely worth a re-watch compared to watching ‘Kaay Re Rasacalaa’ in theatres. 


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