Patil Patil Song: Adarsh Shinde and Anand Shinde Rock Together

The much awaited Marathi movie ‘Patil‘ has already created a buzz among the Marathi movie fans. The music of the film too has intrigued the audiences for it’s versatility. The new song ‘Patil Patil’ is sung by the super talented father-son duo of Anand Shinde & Adarsh Shinde!

Along with the Shindeshahi kings the song is also sung by Sonali Chandrate Patel & the music is composed by Sonal-Uday whereas the lyrics are written by Sanjay Warang & SRM-Alien! Starring Bhagyashree Mothe, Narendra Deshmukh & SRM-Alien ‘Patil’ promises to be a heart touching story of a father & also a love story with a strong social backdrop.

The video of the ‘Patil Patil’ song is full of VFX & uses the whole Shivaji Maharaj times as a backdrop effectively. This could be happening in Marathi cinema for the first time where this much VFX is used in a song! ‘Patil’ releases in theatres on 26th October all over Maharashtra!


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