Ani…Dr.Kashinath Ghanekar Trailer: It’s Dr. Ghanekar vs Dr. Lagoo!

Subodh Bhave starrer ‘Ani…Dr.Kashinath Ghanekar‘ is the much awaited Diwali release for Marathi cinema. Releasing on 8th November, the trailer of the film was recently launched. The excitement for the film was now been tripled after the first two teasers & now with this trailer! The trailer introduces Sumeet Raghavan as ‘Dr. Shriram Lagoo’ & the rivalry between him & Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar too is openly revealed!

Both Ghanekar & Lagoo represented two different styles of acting & both had dedicated fan following in those golden days of Marathi theatre! This film seems to have captured the essence of those times! And most importantly unlike some huge Bollywood biopic, this film seems to be very honest about it’s main character! It doesn’t seem to glorify the person & yet it celebrates the life he lived!

Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar was known as the first & the last superstar of Marathi theatre! A superstar who also lost his stardom with time & reached rock bottom in his personal life! Such a grand subject is being dealt with lots of maturity by director Abhijit Deshpande & the entire team of the film!


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