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Urmila Kothare( Urmila Kanitkar) as MINU  - Duniyadari Marathi Movie Still Photos
Urmila Kothare( Urmila Kanitkar) as MINU – Duniyadari Marathi Movie Still Photos

The film is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by the late Suhas Shirwalkar. The story takes place in the 1970s in Mumbai where Shreyas (Swapnil Joshi) is living a dull life due to his parents’ troubled relationship and his below average academic performance.

When he gets a chance to go to Pune’s S P College for higher studies, his life takes a massive turn as he becomes a part of the Katta Gang that includes Digya aka DSP (Ankush Chaudhary), Surekha (Richa Pariyalli), a bunch of crazy youngsters and later entrants Shirin (Sai Tamhankar) and Pritam (Sushant Shelar). How the Katta Gang deals with issues related to friendship, love and a hooligan spoilt brat Sainath (Jitendra Joshi), forms the rest of the story.

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Although friendship and love are different relationships, they are interconnected for the emotional attachment it involves. Director Sanjay Jadhav has nicely interwoven these two emotions in Duniyadari which makes sure the film is surely worth enjoying despite few issues.

Duniyadari Movie Stills
Duniyadari Movie Stills

The first half is full on entertainment. As Shreyas enters S P College, the audience gets to witness one amusing moment after other. Definition of various characters and unfolding of many events is nicely taken care by Chinmay Mandlekar‘s writing, especially the subtle yet powerful love triangle angle. In fact, due to the fast pace and regular humour, you won’t notice that the main story hardly moves forward in this half.

The energy is kept alive in the initial portions of the second half but after a point of time, the grip becomes somewhat weak due to few melodramatic events. This also makes sure the film appears a drag in the pre-climax portions. There are also other questionable aspects: Shirin and Pritam becoming thick friends with the Katta Gang in a jiffy and Meenu falling in love with Shreyas all of a sudden. Although the climax doesn’t entirely go with the genre of the film, it is one of the most memorable moments in a long time for the emotional impact it produces. Likewise, Jadhav has also captured a number of scenes skillfully.

Ankush Chaudhary & Richa Pariyalli - Duniyadari Marathi Movie Still Photos
Ankush Chaudhary & Richa Pariyalli – Duniyadari Marathi Movie Still Photos

Samit Saptiskar, Pankaj and Amit Raj’s music goes perfectly with the film and plays a big role in keeping the amusement alive. Apart from ‘Tik Tik Vajte Dokyat’, other tracks too manage to impress. The set and costume designer deserves special mention for re-creating the bygone era. It’s a job well done even by the cinematography, background score and editing departments.

The film is high on performances despite some actors appearing too elder for their characters. Swapnil Joshi perfectly gets into the skin of Shreyas and produces an adorable act. Ankush Chaudhary is wonderful in the role of a hot-headed, heroic youngster. Sai Tamhankar continues to have a tremendous 2013. She once again provides a praiseworthy act. Jitendra Joshi highly succeeds in being menacing. You just love to hate him.

Urmila Kanitkar gives a cute as well as mature performance. Sushant Shelar doesn’t get too much scope but he plays his part well. The same goes for Richa Pariyalli who is decent. The rest of the Katta Gang and other actors too provide good supporting acts.

Overall: Duniyadari succeeds in narrating a moving saga of timeless friendship. Due to the youth appeal and hype, the film will garner tremendous collections at the box office.

Review by Keyur Seta on Halti Chitre


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  1. Jabbardast…. superb…. utlimate…

    Sai… superb….jara vajan kami kar.. ajun chhan dischil….
    Urmila… too cute… dolyat pani aal tuzi acting bahun.. mi kadich radalo navato attparyat….
    DSP… ankush…. mastch….
    Baki gang…. tuzi mazi yari b…. geli dunayadari….

    jagat bhari.. Duniyadari… 10/10…

  2. ya movie madhe kas pratek shabd ani bhav varsha ujgavkaranch last dialogue. khup chhan ritya dakhavyat alay hi movie me 6 vela pahiley ajun bagayach man kart. he movie bagatana mala majhya gf chi khup athavan yete.