Zee Yuva’s ‘Prem He’ Story No.2 – Mumbai to Goa!

Zee Yuva’s Prem He Story No 2 Mumbai To Goa

When two people who have exactly opposite personalities get attracted towards each other, one can say the bond is definitely more powerful. However the two parties involved must be aware of it. Once that’s sorted everything else falls into place. What if such opposites meet for the first time on a journey from ‘Mumbai to Goa’? Well that’s the plot of Zee Yuva’s ‘Prem He’ story no. 2! ‘Mumbai to Goa’, the love journey of Shree & Shweta! These 2 episodes are set to be telecasted on Monday 6th March & Tuesday 7th March at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

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Shree played by Siddharth Chandekar is a free-spirited engineering student who lives his life to the fullest, enjoys every moment & appreciates beauty in everything! Whereas Shweta played by Spruha Joshi is the exact opposite. She grew up being under the pressure of studies throughout, even now she is constantly working on her electronic gadgets. When these gadgets stop working, Shweta loses her cool! Imagine how fun will be the journey from ‘Mumbai to Goa’ with such poles apart characters together!

Siddharth Chandekar Spruha Joshi Zee Yuva Prem he

Shree misses he college trip bus to Goa because of his daily habit of going late everywhere. Shweta too is on her way to Goa. Shweta is a social media manager, & she could have easily traveled through plane, but instead rents a car as she wants to complete her presentation before reaching Goa. But on the request of the car dealer Shweta lets Shree to travel with her by the same car but on certain conditions. It would be fun to see what happens in this journey of 10-12 hrs! Will Shree obediently fall prey to all of Shweta’s conditions or will there be arguments? How will they fall in love? All these questions can be answered on Monday 6th March & Tuesday 7th March at 9 pm only on Zee Yuva! 


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