Vajalach Paahije Game ki Sinema pays tribute to Dada Kondke

The makers of the film “Vajalach Pahije- Game ki Shinema” claim that their film is inspired by Megastar Dada Kondke and entire film is a tribute to this great comedy actor-director. Bhau Kadam will be seen in a role of a gangster. It is said that the songs of this film are inspired by Dada Kondke style (Read: Double meaning)

The producers are expecting to raise curiosity of the audience by paying a tribute to Dada Kondke.

Vajalacj Pahije is a comedy film directed by R Viraj and produced by Atif. Reshmi Rumal is gaining populairty even befire the release. This is an iitem number picturised on BHau Kadam, Girija Joshi, Chinmay Udgirkar and Arati Solankiya. Title song “Vajalach paahije” is another foor tapping number. The lyrics are by Mandar Cholkar and Haridas Kad. Adarsh Shinde, Reshma Sonawane, Avdhoot Gupte, Anandi Joshi, Rohit Raut have sung these songs.

The film is slated to release on 11 September all over Maharashtra.