Top 5 Reasons to Watch Swapnil Joshi’s ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’

Top 5 Reasons to Watch Swapnil Joshi’s ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’

Mogra Phulaalaa‘ releases all over Maharashtra today. The film stars Swapnil Joshi in the lead in a never before seen avatar. While all of his fans are all excited for the film we would like to present to you top 5 reasons to not miss ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’ in theatres!

  • Swapnil Joshi’s Simple Minded Character
    Swapnil Joshi has been mostly known for his chocolate boy image. Though every now & then Swapnil has pushed himself and has surprised the audiences with different & challenging roles. ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’ is one such different role where we won’t see Swapnil in a larger than life image but as a common middle aged man who is in his mid 30s and is still unmarried.

Swwapnil Joshi - Mogra Phulala

  • Neena Kulkarni’s Multi Layered Mother
    While Swapnil’s Joshi’s character is of a simple minded man. His mother played by senior actress Neena Kulkarni seems a very a multi layered character. On one hand she obviously loves her son and wants the best for him, but somewhere she also inhibits her son from following his heart!

Neena Kulkarni - Mogra Phulala

  • Shrabani Deodhar’s Assured Direction
    Shrabani Deodhar is one of the most respected female filmmakers to make films in Marathi. Back in the 90s she had made films like ‘Lapandav’ & ‘Sarkarnama’ which are today considered as cult classics. She recently made a caper comedy which was also appreciated and now with ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’ she is exploring a new side of her with an light hearted yet emotional family drama.
  • Relatable Family Drama for Today’s Times
    While family dramas have always been a staple for Marathi cinema. Nowadays many family drama films fall flat on their face as they fail to understand the changing times and the changing taste of audiences. Hence ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’ is a film that suits sensibilities of today’s family audiences of today’s times. The dramatic part of the film is much subtle & it has a nice blend of light heartedness & romance.
  • The Rest of the Ensemble Cast
    Sai Deodhar a popular name on Hindi Television is making her debut in Marathi through ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’. Along with that the film has a diversely talented star cast of Sandeep Pathak, Chandrakant Kulkarni, Anand Ingle, Vighnesh Joshi, Samidha Guru, Sonamm Nishandar & others.


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