GSEAMS Continues It’s Partnership of Working with Female Filmmakers with Mogra Phulaalaa

Mogra Phulaaalaa Marathi Movie

While there has been a revolution of sorts all around the world of cinema about women getting the same pay as men and same opportunities as men, and more and more film industries and film studious are consciously making changes in their policies accordingly, Marathi film industry is nowhere behind. GSEAMS (Global Sports Entertainment And Media Solutions Private Limited) is a production house that has silently been proving that they believe in female directors as much anyone believes in male directors!

Swapnil Joshi starrer ‘Mogra Phulaalaa‘ is currently GSEAMS’ latest release hitting theatres this friday on 14th of June. The film is a heartfelt family drama that also has traits of romance. Swapnil Joshi is being seen in a completely new avatar in this film. GSEAMS has so far produced and presented five Marathi films which are: Ranangan, Fugay, Tula Kalnar Nahi, Bhikari and Mogra Phulaalaa. Out of which 3 films are produced by female directors! ‘Tula Kalnar Nahi’ & ‘Fugay’ were directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi & ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’ is directed by senior female filmmaker Shrabani Deodhar!

Arjun Singhh Baran and Kartik Nishandar of GSEAMS have set an example for production houses in Marathi as well as elsewhere in Indian film industry that more and more belief should be bestowed on our female filmmakers. Kartik Nishandar said, “It is a story that will touch the hearts of the Marathi audience. We are very happy to be working with Shrabani Deodhar who is one of the most intelligent and hard working  directors in the industry. She has worked very hard over the last one year on the story along with Sachin Mote.”