This Friday’s Release ‘Unmatta’ Deals with the Weird Subject of ‘Sleep Paralysis’


Have you ever felt like someone is sitting on your chest suffocating you when you are asleep? And when you can’t move even the tip of your finger! You wish to shout out loud but you can’t as if someone has forcefully stopped you! All of this must have made you think that there’s some supernatural power which is working its power against you!

But the truth is all of these things are a sign of ‘Sleep Paralysis’. This condition arises when we don’t get enough sleep or when we are under some kind of stress in work or in personal life. There is nothing supernatural about it! But many times people mistook it for supernatural ghostly forces & blindly look for solutions on it.

This week’s Marathi release ‘Unmatta‘ deals with this very weird & exciting subject! Directed by Mahesh Rajmane who personally had the experience of ‘Sleep Paralysis’ & then he researched on it & made this film. ‘Unmatta’ feels like a very unique psychological thriller that would appeal to the audiences who watch experimental cinema. So make sure you watch the film in theatres this week & let us know what you felt about it!


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